Expert Care Near the Quad Cities, IL & IA

Our experienced groomers offer services for all breeds of dogs and cats. We can recommend the appropriate grooming schedule for your individual pet, and will tailor the haircut to your specific preferences.

grooming your pet at Mallard Pointe in Coal ValleyGrooming by Vicky Tellin
Vicky has 20+ years of grooming experience, and received her training at Colorado School of Dog Grooming. She has excellent scissor skills and an eye for detail. Incoming grooming appointments are available from Monday through Saturday. Drop-off time for incoming grooms is between 7:00am and 8:00am.

Mallard Pointe uses professional quality shampoos and conditioners that are chemical free. Medicated and hypoallergenic shampoos are available for your pet with allergies and sensitive skin. Our groomers use the HydroSurge Bath System® which provides a deep-cleaning and massaging bath. We also offer flea baths and flea control products.

Shedding Treatments
Mallard Pointe offers the FURminator® Shed-less Treatment and products. This revolutionary grooming treatment is a highly effective, inexpensive and easy-to-use solution to the pet hair and dander problem virtually all pet owners experience. The FURminator® Shed-less Treatment reduces shedding up to 90%.

Nail Trims & Ear Cleaning
Nail trims and ear cleanings are included in all baths and grooms at no extra charge. Nail trims can also be booked separately for a small fee.